Tookitaki DSS

Your Assistant for all predictive use cases

Production-ready Infrastructure

Get your own dedicated Tookitaki DSS server to build all predictive use cases and reduce at least 50% of deployment time both for cloud and on-premise environment.

Simple at Scale

Built on Apache SPARK's distributed cluster computing environment, our simple 6-step process empowers analytics team of any organisation to produce predictive use cases for massive data sets.

Automate with Accuracy

Use our in-built transformational functions to prepare data and create decision work-flows using one-click pre-optimised models. This entire process from data prep to having a functional predictive output is done in at-least 50% faster with maximum accuracy.

Build Predictive Applications in 6 steps

1. Select

2. Assemble

3. Explore

4. Transform

5. Model

6. Predict