Banks are witnessing a rapid shift in customer expectations as traditional branch visits are being replaced by digital channels and other self-service channels. It thus become critical for banks to implement a pro-active and anticipatory management of customer expectation and experience. Take control of change with TDSS as you cross sell and upsell, detect fraud, prevent customer loss and segment customers.

Insurance companies are using predictive analytics in the areas of underwriting, claims, and marketing. Insurers can stay safe with TDSS by detecting subtle patterns of unusual activity, thereby improving detection of claims fraud.

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Reduce Customer Churn

Detect customer dissatisfaction and launch customised retention programs to customers at-risk to churn.

Product Recommendation

Recommend product and their timings based on customer's current lifestyle and requirements.

Customer Segmentation

Define your target groups and launch marketing and sales initiatives accordingly.

Predict Fraudulent Claims

Identify and score fraudulent claims and stay secured against unwarranted claims.

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